Message from the President & CEO and Chair of the Board of Directors


We’re all connected to nature and to the land. In fact, the great outdoors is at the heart of the Canadian identity, and there’s no doubt we have a special connection to our environment.

You’ll find the theme of connections woven throughout this year’s annual report, in the stories about the links between the people, places and species behind some of our accomplishments in 2013-2014.

Take, for instance, the ranchers of the Waldron Grazing Co-operative. Their roots in southern Alberta run deep. Now a conservation agreement with the Nature Conservancy of Canada on the vast Waldron Ranch will ensure that nature and a traditional way of life are a benefit for generations to come.

The story of the Kenauk property in Quebec is similarly inspired by the desire of a community to remain connected to the land while protecting the natural values. Part of this property will be fully protected, while another portion of it will continue to be harvested, because conservation and local economies are connected.

Finally, the Government of Canada’s renewal of funding for the Natural Areas Conservation Program in the spring of 2014 will help us to continue to connect priority conservation projects right across the country. To date, it has supported the conservation of 4,000 square kilometres. NCC administers the program and has committed to match every federal dollar 2:1.

As we look to the future, our next challenge is to better connect Canadians to the places they’ve helped us conserve. One of the things we will be thinking about over the next several years is how to improve access to NCC-conserved lands so that visitors are able to appreciate the nature around them.

There are many ways for you to rediscover your connection to nature — like joining a Conservation Volunteers event, visiting an NCC property, exploring a local park or even enjoying some of the beautiful photography of the places we are able to protect thanks to your support. No matter how you do it, we encourage you to take time for nature and share the wonders of the natural world with family, friends or colleagues. Connect with us!

Thank you for your support,

John Lounds

Nathalie Pratte