Our Five-Year Strategic Plan

Looking Ahead to 2014/15


Our annual goals are driven by our five-year strategic plan.

Our current plan runs to 2017. Although it is very difficult to project ahead five years, this is an attempt to guide our activities to make sure we are achieving the most important conservation in the most appropriate areas.

Our 2014-2015 goals fall into the four main areas of our strategic plan:

  • Conservation goals such as increasing our stewardship spending to $12 million, protecting nearly 20,000 additional acres (8,000 hectares)* during the year, and continuing to provide habitat for at least 25 percent of Canada’s at-risk species;
  • Development goals such as receiving land donations worth $3.8 million, growing our donor base to 60,000 and receiving support of $40 million from the private sector, as well ascontinuing to engage Canadians in planning a legacy for conservation, and building an effective stewardship fund;
  • Influence and outreach goals such as fully implementing our marketing strategy, increasing our supporter base to 170,000 Canadians by the end of the fiscal year, having 2,000 Canadians participate in a Conservation Volunteers event and encouraging hands-on conservation in the public at large;
  • Capacity, support and resources goals such as working more efficiently as a team and with external partners, continuing to search for efficiencies to improve our processes and being an employer of choice in the environmental not-for-profit sector, evidenced by low staff attrition.

Our progress towards achieving these goals is tracked by our Key Performance Indicators, which are reported quarterly to our board.

*This goal has been revised from a previous version, which was published in error.